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Have you been disappointed in Julienne Brow Tint?

We're so sorry! We had a problem with the 5ml tube and some batches were affected. If your Julienne Brow Tint didn't work for you, give us your details and we'll replace it immediately.

What's with the white Tube?

The original Julienne 45 Day Permascara Lash & Brow Dye worked like a bomb. It wasn't stylish, but the end result was. So we relaunched the brand as Julienne Brow Tint, in our beautiful rose gold and white packaging. Modern and stylish, with a formulation that delivers, we knew we couldn't go wrong.

Until our new 5ml tube let us down. The product began to oxidise because of excess air in the tube.


So what does oxidisation mean for Julienne Brow Tint? One very important thing: it doesn't work very well. Instead of long-lasting, strong colour, you get "meh". No harm, no damage, no danger. But no customer satisfaction either.

But the formulation hasn't changed. So if you tried Julienne Brow Tint and were disappointed, it's not the product, but the packaging that let us down.

Solving the problem

Right now, we're working with our tube suppliers to solve the problem, but it's going to take a little time. Meantime, we need to make sure that our customers get what we promised them. So we've gone back to the original Julienne Lash & Brow Dye tubes - we've used them for years, and we know they work.

These tubes aren't as stylish as the new ones, and they don't match the cartons and the rest of the range, but it's temporary. Just as soon as we can, we'll be back in gorgeous new tubes.