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The Shape Of You

The Shape Of You

No, not Ed Sheeran, we're talking about your face

What looks good on one person won't necessarily look the same way on someone else, so create the best shape brows compatible with the shape of your face: 

If you have a round face...
choose an angular eyebrow shape. Creating strong lines with your brows can help balance the soft curves of your face. This creates the appearance of a more defined bone structure. 

If you have a square face...
opposites attract! Try a rounded eyebrow shape. Your new curves can help offset and soften more angular facial features. 

If you have a heart-shaped face...
opt for a controlled shape with a high arch. By adding height to your eyebrows, this can translate into lengthening the look of a shorter jaw. 

If you have an oval face...
you're not constrained by too many rules. The symmetry of an oval face is  already balanced, so you have more options for your preferred brow shape. Using a soft angle will accentuate the balance in your face. 

If you have a long face...
keeping your eyebrows horizontal helps stop the eye from travelling downwards, making your face look shorter. Extending the tails of your brows directly to the side adds visual width to your face.