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Why have you changed the packaging?

It was time for a change! In the fashionable world of international cosmetics, we wanted Julienne to look as stylish and modern as the women who choose it.

Why a sensitive variant?

While PPD is a tried and trusted ingredient in hair dyes, it's not suitable for every skin type because it can cause irritation and allergies. Julienne Sensitive has been dermatologically tested for all skin types including sensitive skin. It's also compliant with EU standards and new regulations that have been introduced into the South African market.

Is there a problem with the formulation?

Not at all but there's a global trend to minimise harsh chemicals in cosmetic products, improving standards and protecting consumers. We love this trend and we aim to ensure our products are of the highest standard and do no harm. The entire Julienne range is also vegan, animal-friendly and a registered cruelty-free product.

Has legislation around PPD changed?

PPD is still widely used in many products but South African regulations limit the use of PPD products for cosmetics and product types. This reflects an industry focus on safety, ongoing progress and product enhancement.

Why now?

At Julienne, we're excited. We've tested Julienne Sensitive and it lives up to Julienne standards, so why wait for the legislation to change? See for yourself how well it compares with the original formulation.

Is the process the same as the old Julienne tints?

It's identical. The ratio of tint to developer and the application process are unchanged. We suggest an application time of 10 – 15 mins, which is slightly longer than the original formulation, but you can adjust this to suit the depth of colour you prefer.

Why do I need to conduct a patch test?

It's standard procedure to ask anyone dying their eyebrows (or their hair) to do a patch test. Numerous factors impact on the skin's fluctuating tolerance of ingredients, and even if you've used a product before, you should still do a patch test - just in case you've developed a sensitivity you weren't aware of.

Can I use Julienne to tint my eyelashes at home

The new regulations mean that ALL eyelash tints are recommended for professional use only.

Why is it available from salons?

Therapists are professionally trained in applying eyelash tint. Handling Julienne Brow Tint isn't complicated, but therapists are more skilled at this, which means there is less risk of skin or eye irritation.