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Shape Up!

Shape Up!

4 methods commonly used by the Julienne team

Just as our brows are unique, so are our individual preferences for shaping and honing them. There’s no definitive right or wrong method - just do what suits your needs, preference and budget. Oh, and also consider your pain threshold!

Probably the most important decision is whether to DIY or hand over your brows to another. Our advice - don’t over estimate your skills!  Managing your own maintenance is fine but there’s a great deal to be said for the skill set of someone who shapes brows day in and day out.

We’ve looked at the 4 methods commonly used by the Julienne team and offer our thoughts on them:

Ok - just wow! We love this method and the shaping of brows it can achieve - think it’s unsurpassed. But we have found it tough to master on our own. Definitely a favourite in the team but generally requires a reliable, affordable and available brow lady in your life.

Again, fabulous results and creates beautiful clean lines, but can be messy while you master the skills - so proceed with caution. The jury is still out as to whether you achieve the best shaping results. But great long lasting results and probably the least discomfort.

Easier to manage than their hot wax counterparts and can be cut to your specific shape and size. Another bonus is that they’re super convenient and cheap as chips. Ideal for maintaining shape but not necessarily creating it.

Well, let’s face it. No self-respecting brow owner should be without a great pair of trusty tweezers. For maintenance and removal of those individual trouble makers, tweezers are unbeatable. But don’t be lead along that slippery “remove just one more” path. It can lure you in too close to see the bigger picture, and before you know it, your brows are as thin as thread. Enough said.

Ultimately, it’s your call, and often life gets in the way of your preferred method of achieving ideal brows, certainly COVID-19 has. So it’s best to have a few options you can master when required, and go all out for shaping killer brows when that skill set is available to you.