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Colour Your Brows Beautiful

Colour Your Brows Beautiful

How stencils lend a helping hand

Colouring in is something we’ve all grown up with. But have you ever wondered why you were required to master that skill? The answer is simple! It’s so that you can use brow stencils!

Drawing freehand isn’t always the skill where we’re most confident, especially when we’re trying to create beautifully shaped, well-defined brows. Brow stencils are a perfect solution. These ingenious little gizmos adhere beautifully to your facial contours, allowing you to colour in to your heart’s content, creating beautiful brows in the process. You just gotta love em!

If you’re a first-timer, we suggest starting off with the shape that is the closest to your natural brow shape. Once you’ve gained your confidence, you can experiment with different shapes, taking your brow game to a whole new level!

So - let’s get you started:
Firstly, line up the stencil – use two fingers (from your less dominant hand) to create a peace sign and to secure the stencil against the brows. Next, (using your dominant hand), apply your product to the first section of the stencil, from the inner brow up to the arch. At the arch, you may need to tweak the position of the stencil to more re accurately match the shape of your natural brow. Continue application from the arch down to the tail of your brow.
To finish off, remove the stencil, then fill in and touch up any areas that need fixing. Flip the stencil and repeat on your other brow. Gently, run a spoolie through your brows to add that final touch – and there you have it! Brows even Cara Delevigne would envy!