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Bountiful Brows

Bountiful Brows

How to achieve, fuller, thicker brows

Our current obsession for fuller, thicker brows shows no end in sight and achieving them is a constant quest for Team Julienne. We’ve ditched the needles, lotions and potions and gone back to our pantry cupboard for the easiest and most affordable solution - Coconut Oil!

We’ve known for years that the natural vitamins and essential fatty acids present in coconut oil, when massaged into the scalp, soften and condition the hair, lock in moisture to create a glossy shine and stimulate strong, healthy growth. For those reasons, it’s also your brows’ best friend and using it couldn’t be easier. It’s also wallet-friendly!

Using good quality oil:
1.    Dip a cotton swab or clean finger into the oil and massage gently into your brow, in the same direction as hair growth
2.    Repeat on the other side.
3.    Leave overnight
4.    Rinse off with facewash in the morning.

Doing this routine several times a week will show definite improvement – why not take up the challenge and see for yourself?