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The Masterful Fade

The Masterful Fade

The ombre look is a must-do!

Never make your brows a single, consistent shade from end to end. In their natural state, brows are lighter at the inner corner (where the hairs are thinner) and get darker towards the "tail" end. A richly pigmented brow pomade or gel with an eas-to-apply glide-on formulation is the perfect product to succeed with this look. Once you’ve selected your shade of choice, you’re ready to begin. Using your favourite angled brush, apply the product lightly at the inner corner, getting more intense the further out you go. Alternately make use of two different shades, maybe a light brown colour for the inside, and a darker one for the outer edges. It's really important here that you blend together correctly. Our reliable waterproof and smudge-proof formulation will ensure that your brows remain on fleek all day.

Our hot tip - mirror this technique with your eye makeup as well to create a gentle, natural look.