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Julienne 45 day Permascara is a great product, so we've kept the same winning formulation. Refreshed and revitalised, with elegant new packaging and a brand new name. Julienne Brow Tint. The same, only better!

Choose the convenient Brow Tint Kit, which includes the tint, cream developer, mixing tray and applicator brush, or the extra-large 15 ml Brow Tint.

Brow Tint

Brow Tint

Brow Tint Kit

Brow Tint Kit


The original formula is still exactly the same. But it was time to update the packaging and give Julienne the elegance you deserve. And the Brow Tint is now part of a complete eyebrow make-up range.

But even if we had not relaunched the brand, we would have had to make changes very soon. The laws governing cosmetics have changed, and the new regulations mean that we will now only market this formulation to salons for use on eyelashes. These regulations will come into effect shortly, but we have already adopted them.

So you can still use Julienne to tint your eyebrows at home, but we recommend that you have your lashes tinted at a salon.

We take adhering to regulations seriously, so we do not advise this.

New regulations mean that ALL eyelash tints are now recommended for professional use only. Eyebrow tints are perfect for home use. You may still see some eyelash brands on shelf, in the very short term, but this is only temporary until the new regulations come into effect.

We have been marketing this Julienne Brow Tint formulation to salons and to women who prefer to do their own tinting at home for many years, both locally and internationally. It is manufactured to the highest standard and complies with all regulations. We have kept the same tried and trusted formulation. The new regulations apply only to using the product to dye eyelashes at home.

Most changes like this are made with a view to safety. Julienne, like all hair colouring products, contains ingredients that have the potential to irritate your skin. You'll see that hair tints always recommend a patch test, in case an irritation develops. Eyes are more sensitive, and the legislation is designed to prevent any irritation to the eye.

There are no reports of eye irritation or other problems that might have been caused by using Julienne. But there is a global trend to control chemicals in cosmetic products. This helps improve standards and protect consumers. At Julienne, we support this as we aim to ensure our products are of the highest standard and do no harm. The entire Julienne range is also animal-friendly and a registered cruelty-free product.

Therapists are professionally trained in applying eyelash tint. Handling Julienne Brow Tint isn't complicated, but therapists are more skilled at this, which means there is less risk of skin or eye irritation.